For those who missed the action as it was happening

For those who missed the action as it was happening…
A little background: in December 2015 I planted 2 x 30cm cuttings from a dragon fruit tree (one red dragonfruit, one white). The Dragonfruit plant is actually a cactus and super fast growing in good conditions. Ive been taking good care of them and they look super healthy and have grown heaps.
A few weeks ago, at a height of now +7feet, it’s first flower bud started to form. It took about 2 weeks for the bud to get to blooming. The Dragonfruit flower is huge! A giant white beauty.
But what is more interesting is that it blooms at night, leaving the night critters to polinate the flower and grow a fruit. AND, as soon as the heat and light of the next day come, the flower will wilt and completely collapse. If you aren’t there at night when it blooms, you miss it.
I camped out for 3 nights to catch this because I didnt know exactly when it was going to bloom.
Worth the wait if you ask me! Theo tuoi tre va doi song